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A Message from Jeff (April)

April 22, 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I want to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for the incredible response we’re receiving from you in this new era of curbside take-out and delivery service. As many of you’ve experienced in your own lives, the road to adapting is anything but predictable. Changing Luella’s restaurant and catering service has been a road with sharp turns, highs and lows, blind spots and yes, even dense fog at times. We haven’t been perfect, but thanks to you the tires are still between the lines and I’d like to tell you what your support means.

The resiliency of Lue’s Crew is the heart and soul of Luella’s. Thanks to your continued patronage at the Merrimon location, we’ve been able to keep 29 crew members working. That means, they’re able to stay enrolled in school and continue to pay their student loans, or support their families, including dozens of children who are extensions of the Luella’s family. We’re also able to feed every working and non-working Crew member a free meal every day.

Ashley and I have always believed that offering medical benefits to our team is very important. With our renewal coming up soon, we were uncertain of Luella’s ability to continue offering this benefit while keeping the company viable during the crisis – a quandary we never expected would happen. Today I am proud to say Luella’s will continue to offer medical benefits to the courageous team and this is thanks to you!

We will continue to practice the highest sanitation standards and bring you safe and craveable food for you and your family. We’ve updated our menu to make it easier to order meals for the whole family, plus we’re offering individually packaged meals for catering orders.

Regardless of the bumps and turns we’ve shared on this road, we feel fortunate you’re still riding along with us.  There are still miles ahead of us, so we’ll crank up your favorite playlist. We’ve got each other. Ashley and I look forward to the day when we can lower our face masks and thank you in person, from six feet away!

Stay well, Jeff

P.S. When you order and pay for delivery and pick-up directly through our website, or the Luella’s App you’re ensuring a healthier touch-free transaction and more of your dollar stays in our community.