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Luella’s Wing Bowl 2018


It’s a super party in your mouth.

Smoked. Barbecue. Wings. We don’t need a party or a game to eat them. In fact, maybe we create that party just so we can have our wings.

Why wings? Did you know the foods most served for the big game are wings, pizza, and chili? Wings are finger foods, easy to eat, and not messy at all. Truth: wing culture followed the rise of the sports bar. It’s a tasty and inexpensive cold weather food that’s easy to eat while your eyes are on the big game. Of course, they also taste great with your favorite brew.


If you’re going anywhere near a game this Sunday, we recommend taking our wings along. Your friends will be happy no matter who’s winning.

In case you’re interested in keeping the furniture clean, here’s a little video for the best way to eat wings. This way, you get all the meat with a little less mess.

But what about Luella’s Wing Bowl 2018?

We’ve created a couple of very special sauces for our barbecue wings and we’d like to know what you think. Taste the sauces and tell us which one you like. There’s no purchase necessary. Just fill out an entry form circling your entry. Give us your name and email address or telephone number*.

We’ll have a random drawing on Saturday, February 3rd at 5pm. The winner will get this awesome embroidered Marmot jacket. You’ll be in great company. The only person with this jacket now is Jeff Miller, Luella’s own Proprietor and Pit Boss.

Luella's Wings for the Win

You’ll choose between these two sauces. Recognize the theme?

Smoked Barbecue Wings

Brady Berry Sauce:  a sweet and tangy sauce with mild heat.  loaded with blueberries and balanced with mild heat from jalapeño, roasted green chiles, ancho peppers and a spot of fresh ginger.  Also singing in this chorus of flavor is molasses, Lusty Monk mustard, garlic and lemon juice.

Brotherly Love Sauce: feeling the fruit thang, this sauce is built on top of pineapple, smoked jalapeño and green onions, with garlic, apple juice and Jared’s secret hand of spices.  I have a hunch this sauce will come back around in grilling season.

* If you’d like for us to send you an occasional email, all you have to do is say it’s okay. If not, we’ll shred your entry after the drawing. We just need to be able to reach you if you win!