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Luella’s Hits The Cooking Channel

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The day Ali Khan filmed the Cooking Channel’s Cheap Eats in Asheville was a whirlwind. This dynamic host and his crew came to Luella’s to see if he could get a great meal without breaking the bank. Here’s how Cooking Channel lays it out:

Awesome in Asheville

“Ali Khan is taking in the mountain views in Asheville, N.C., as he looks for the best local deals on breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. He starts his day off big with a breakfast of fried chicken covered in sausage gravy, accompanied by Southern-sized sides. For lunch, he dives into the booming food truck scene and finds tasty Thai served up fresh on a homemade bao. After snacking on the best dessert in America — a made-to-order maple bourbon doughnut — Ali’s day ends right with chopped Carolina pork doused in tangy, vinegar-based barbecue sauce.”

Was Ali able to stay within budget? Oh yeah!


Check out the other restaurants Ali visited that day:

Bun Intended
Hole Doughnuts