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Things We’ve Noticed and a Little Advice.

July 16, 2020

Dear Friends,

The past four months have been surreal. We’d like to share a few things we’ve noticed:

Our customers are kind,
amazing, and loyal.

This isn’t a surprise, but it is humbling.

Photo: Delivery Heroes from Takeout Central delivered 50 meals to Health Heroes at Mission Hospital.

Smiles go all the way to your eyes.

Masks don’t get in the way.

Staying safe is possible when we work together.

Good food brings people together,
even if it’s in a parking lot..

Photo: Friends traveling through NC set up picnics along the way.


Now, for the advice:

BBQ smells good! If you eat takeout in your car and don’t take some home to share, you may want to leave your windows down. Let that heavenly smoky aroma out before anyone else gets in your car. #jealous

Datenight Dining in your car is so 2020. We’d like to suggest keeping wet wipes in your car for safety reasons. Steering wheels get slippery after you eat wings.

When you eat BBQ, it may be necessary to “touch your face.” Be sure to wash your hands ahead of time. :)


We know times are tough. Hang in there. Hold on to your sense of humor. And, love each other.